PLAST CONTROL - Lab Thickness Measurement


Lab Thickness Measurement



        The PRO-LAB II has a touching sensor for the absolute, real thickness measurement of film profiles according to the norms DIN 533370 / ISO 4593 / ASTM-D 6988-08. In addition to the touching sensor, the system is available with a capacitive sensor for a continuous measurement mode or with a combination of both sensors.


        To analyze the thickness distribution, a film strip is put into the holding device of the PRO-LAB II system. The measuring value is registered with the mechanical detection head at selectable distances or continuous with the capacitive sensor. The maintenance free stepper motor moves the film strip step by step to the mechanical detection sensor.


        The PRO-LAB II basic system is equipped with a serial interface, so that the system can be connected to a customer PC. The software package is Windows based and has a user friendly environment allowing a professional profile analysis. Based on meaningful profile graphics, average values, min. and max. values, the tolerance of the pre-selected set points will be easily detected. With the help of Windows, these measuring results can be documented with product or order numbers, archived or recorded.